Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday. Day 7

Thank you friends, lovers, and Great Above

Bananas and peanut butter
Joe bringing me bananas from Meijer last night
Jackie getting me peanut butter last week
Soft pajamas
People who love and support me despite x, y, and z
Counselors who remind you that this test is not a test of your worth, but rather a test of your short term memory.
Breathing and Muscle Relaxation
Walking around campus to Aretha Franklin's Respect
Roommates who validate skipping class with you to take morning naps
Pepperoni Rolls
The women at the Kletz who always make me feel cooler than I am
My management professor letting me take that test of my short term memory in the afternoon
How pretty the snow can be

Watching this video a zillion times in the last few years:

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