Saturday, February 27, 2010

Two Days on a Third [9,10]

I was thankful on Thursday and 'counted my blessings' in between bits of worry as I fell asleep since I forgot to post them.

Getting to all my classes
Richard not seeming to mind too much when I was late
Being silly
Focusing some of 4B Low despite being slow
Chocolate Milk

Staying in bed for far too long
Jeri's Birthday and my awful conduction of our rendition of "Happy Birthday"
New pictures of Cole!
Being able to work for goodbyes
Productive Trouble-shooting
Designers who understand oversleeping dinner breaks
Phone conversations with my empathetic sister. 143.
Oodles of laughing in the prop room in the basement of Kollen
Laughing in general. I LOVE laughter.


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