Monday, February 22, 2010

Five Six

After staying up late feeling the span of emotions and watching one of the bloody, suspense movies that my mom wouldn't have let me watch in the house, I fell asleep without thanking.

Day Five's
Being Productive
Being Invited
A lovely Much Ado Run Through
Embroidery Floss Jewelry
Adding Law Abiding Citizen to the list of movies I have seen
Writing papers and feeling alright about them
Cute couples napping
Really great libraries:,0,4108516.story
(call them Liberal, call them encouragement of the cycle, but Everyone Needs)

Day Six's
Professors and Lighting Designers letting you move testing times and not show up to focus because you're a mess
The Health Center fitting you in when the day's already full
Sticky Dots reminding me of Assassins
Feeling better after sleep

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