Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Awake half of the Fourth Day

"What he'd been given was more than enough to be grateful for, whether or not God was there to receive or care about thanks."
-The Sparrow

To be Grateful for...

-Being able to sleep in until noon since I didn't go to bed until after four
-Bright Eyes
-Being a superhero this morning and my housemate letting me pretend that super heroes put the tea kettle on
-Making embroidery floss jewelry
-Boy communication
-Beautiful Colors
-Eating moose tracks ice cream instead of stressing about the management test that I just realized I know nothing about
-Warm blankets
-Not having to leave the house
-Understanding the sport of curling
-Roommate Talks and beautiful music
-Long naps at inappropriate times during the day leading to productivity

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