Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sara Saturday

Since I was running a bit behind this morning I ate my breakfast as I walked to the theater. On my way home [around 7:00] I walked home with my oatmeal bowl and fork in my bag. They occasionally bumped against each other, making a small clanking noise as I walked. I passed two underclassmen boys and they looked at each other. Once a few steps away one said to each other "party (pronounced with an exaggerated long e)! You can hear those glass bottles clanking" with a slight sound of envy. Glass bottles for a crazy Saturday night or the results of morning cue-to-cues... similar enough.

Today was the first day of tech and [knock on wood] it felt fairly successful. There will inevitably be problems and frustrations as tech continues, but getting up to intermission [as planned] is a good feeling or day 1. Tomorrow the lighting kids will go in a bit early and we'll do some more cueing and then tech day two will start just after lunch.
I feel really good about this show. Daina did a fabulous jobs with cuts and the first half didn't even drag in tech... which just gives you a hint on how it's going to feel in real time. This is incredibly encouraging as my parents are coming up next weekend to see the show and my sister is coming up the following weekend. I think they'll enjoy it. Plus the set and lights are beautiful so... :) Many Shakespeare plays take the first fourth to get a grasp on the language. I feel as though this cutting and acting of Much Ado About Nothing makes Shakespeare incredibly accessible.

Today was a fairly enjoyable day, so things to be thankful for...
Blueberry Muffin Oatmeal
Sharing Peanut Butter M&Ms
Skittles to help get the taste of french fries out of your mouth
Eating french fries for the first time this semester and realizing I'd be okay not eating them again for quite a long time
Discovering that I can still hear people on my phone if the headphones are in [so it's not a COMPLETE catastrophe that the regular speakers aren't working]
Light cues looking pretty
Easy notes post tech day 1
Writing notes
Getting Laundry done [who doesn't love clean clothes?!]
Acknowledging how much I learned through last semester's internship... particularly about protocol [and silence]. I'm incredibly fortunate.
Feeling 10,000xs better due to some removal of sleep debt


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