Monday, September 15, 2008

And don't speak too soon, the wheel's still in spin

I have posted the SNL opening with "Sarah Palin" and "Hillary Clinton" on my sidebar. I find it funny. I should also note that I do not like Sarah Palin. I was not totally sold on McCain before he chose Palin as his vice president, but he quickly lost any chance of having my vote once the choice was made. Perhaps he'll end up being president and doing just fine, but as of this moment, I feel negatively towards Palin and that's enough for me to simply not vote for McCain. Perhaps I'll write in someone else or vote for Obama or vote for an independent. Or perhaps I'll change my mind again before the election. There's plenty of time and plenty more to be learned.
Anyways... one of my favorite parts of this opening sketch is when Fey/Palin suggests that your party doesn't matter, all that matters is getting a woman to the White House (not her exact words, but the general meaning). It seems as though there are really some people out there who think this makes sense. It doesn't.
I declared myself a feminist fairly recently, within the last 3 years. I was before, but didn't realize it. A feminist is simply a person who believes men and women should have equal rights and such. The point is, I'm a fairly active feminist and as one, I suggest that if women want a good representation in the White House, we wait for another election when someone competent is in the race. Of course, I'm not fully sure of anyone else, but she worries me.

Here's an article on Eve Ensler's take on Palin:

Given, there are things being said about Palin that other sites refute, but there are plenty of things not refuted that worry me. She still does not have foreign policy experience. She still is anti-choice and she still hasn't governed more people than the mayor of any decent size city. I don't think anyone in the top 50 offices governing the U.S. should have to be learning too, too much extra stuff. There's too much going on. Then again, there are things about Obama that make me nervous for him too. We could list out pros and cons of each, but I've misplaced that piece of paper, haha. Good luck on the research. I doubt that a "reliable source" exists outside of personal experience... and I don't know either candidate personally. It makes it tough.


In other news, I ran in Oberlin this weekend. It was a strange feeling as I did not see Amherst, let alone stop there. My parents came to watch me race, but none of my other friends were able to. Alexis came by the hotel the night before and we talked for awhile. It was really wonderful to see her. Sometimes you just really need to spend time with a friend who knew you pre-college -- er, a lot pre-college, haha. It was perfect timing and we had a lovely time observing the parking lot of the club, which is popular for its fine dining, next door. I didn't realize Elyria had turned so sketch. Anyways... it was also really nice to be able to hang out with my parents. It was the 2nd weekend in a row I spent time with them, but yet it felt like last weekend was a very long time ago. It was down-pouring pretty badly before my race, but lessened during the race to make it easier on the spectators. The course was pretty soaked though. Plus the boys ran first making the course extra sliding. There were parts with woodchips that lessened the mud to an extent, but there were still plenty of areas of slop and/or standing water. The corners were especially rough and you were often forced to run extremely wide and slow down. I still ran three seconds faster than my last race, but it should have been a lot more than that. The mud took a much bigger toll on my hips than I had imagined it would and it made the last half of the race very difficult. I went out much too slow and stopped pushing forward in the last k. It was not a terrible race, as I still ran sub21, but I could have done better if I had approached it differently. There is not another race until the 26th of September which is the Jamboree at St. Mary's. Hopefully the course won't be too bad the 2nd half and I can be a little more ambitious with my start. 6:30 just isn't going to cut it.


A few other bits of information:

Did you know the editor of all 58 of the international Cosmo magazines is 86 years old. She, Helen Gurley Brown also has a semi-auto-biographical book, Sex and the Single Girl which is attributed with being part of the feminist and the sexual revolutions. Note: That's amazing. I'm putting it on the 'to read' list.

According to yahoo, TRL is going off-air.
That's a strange thought. I cannot lie, TRL majorly shaped my musical taste. I was 10 when TRL began and let's be honest, despite my mother's wishes, I watched it and thought it was cool. After all, it was :) It was also how I memorized the first few Eminem songs I learned.

My bestest, Melissa informed me that Extreme Makeover will be coming to the Hope area soon. If you hear of the exact area it will be in, let me know- we'll drive over!

According to Obama's facebook he likes Bob Dylan. Given, it's not what I'm basing the election on, but the favorite music on facebook idea worked. I like him more because of it.

Robert Byrd, a democratic senator is the longest serving senator in US history. Still in office, he will have been in office 50 years in January. Byrd is 90 years old and 3rd in line of Presidential Succession. I think this is awesome.

I hope all is well with you. Leave commentary.

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Oh Sara, you were going to vote for Obama anyways... you're so anti- Palin :(