Sunday, September 21, 2008

Paper plates: First Half of the Weekend Review

Before starting a new task, you should first finish the one you began. This frustrates many people. In reality, many people do not finish this "guideline". I don't really know if anyone does consistently. Life doesn't allow for you to finish a large task. Other things come storming at you. I wish it was not this way.
In order to get to the next day, you must first complete the one you began. The ability to skip over a part and come back to it later is not given to us. I wish it was not this way.

In general my weekend has been very enjoyable. It's not quite over and tomorrow I will pay for the fun I had yesterday and today. Yesterday, after practice I sat and talked to Joanne for awhile. I then came home, showered, ate a relatively balanced dinner (corn on the cob, apple, italian shredded chicken and cheese on a toast sandwich and chocolate milk)...

[meant to be continued, but never was...]

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