Sunday, September 14, 2008

Your Best Dragon Friend

So just now I was talking to a lovely friend of mine and it is his day off of work. He said he was feeling weird [the good kind] and thus I recommended going on a magical adventure. He responded with "magical adventure?" as most people do when you make such a suggestion. The greatest thing about magical adventures, is that you don't have to do anything in particular to go on a magical adventure: you just decide that since you want to be on one, that you are. Sometimes you can be on a magical adventure and not even realize it until later. However, if you wait for a magical adventure to come to you, you run the risk of missing it. If you want a magical adventure and you're having a hard time coming up with one, it may be a result of "one of those days". This is okay. You are allowed to have those sorts of days. However, if you realllllly want a magical adventure, don't let this stop you... have one anyways! Some of the easiest ways to go on a magical adventure are:
  • Build a fort... it's a whole new world inside
  • Wear a hat, perhaps a magical hat... it can be visible or not
  • Don't wear clothes. You can if you want, but it's funnier naked. However, sometimes less people can come along then. If you don't want to be naked, sometimes wearing super comfy clothes or wild and crazy clothes is just as good. Either way- just make sure to dress for the occasion.
  • Team up with your best dragon friends. The best adventures are with the best of friends. Plus, dragons make for better stories
  • Bring snacks. It doesn't always make for an adventure, but adventures often cause hunger
  • Be brave. Try something new ---or old, but don't hesitate too much. If you over think it, your adventure might be stifled. Yet, don't worry about thinking too much or you will do just that.
  • Rain. Let there be rain. Enjoy it.
  • Or sunshine or clouds or-- whatever the weather, embrace
  • Chalk, crayons and other creators of color. Use them as you see fit
    [black and white adventures are okay too though]
  • Either open your eyes REALLY BIG or keep them gently closed. Squinting makes it harder to see.
  • Books. If you can't think of your own adventure, using someone else's as a starting point helps
  • Musical instruments. magical beings [and regular ones] typically think you're cooler if you can make pretty noises.
    However, if you are not skilled in the art of music making, just go in thinking you are cooler than that anyways-- and the magical beings will agree with you- if you want them to
  • Laughter. I rarely have good magical adventures without some sort of laughter (inner, outer or just giggles)
  • Imagination. If you leave your imagination at home, sometimes it is tough to go very far.
    Feel free to leave other, heavier things, like grief or anger at home. When weighed down you don't get as far. However, if you have these things attached to you, you can still go, it just might take a little extra effort and bravery. Also, depending on the weight, you might need to find a friend or a few to help out with the carrying.
  • Love. Don't leave home [or anywhere else] without it. It serves a variety of uses and you'll probably need it at some point.

Good luck with your adventure. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time.
Feel free to share stories of it when you return.
I do love stories.

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