Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Kill or Be Killed

You may have heard me talk about this time of year before, but it begins again....

Tomorrow begins the cross country team's annual game of Assassins. Other groups on campus may also play assassins, but I would venture to say that very few- if any - go to this extreme. Rob, one of our captains just sent us the following email. It explains the rules of the game:

The concept is simple. Kill or be killed. Later tonight you will be receiving an email from me that will have the name of your target. Your mission is to take that target out within a twenty-four hour window starting at 9:00 AM tomorrow morning.

The rules are as follows:

-No killing in class; please do not disrupt any classes
-No killing in either dining hall during meal hours.
-No killing in the chapel during chapel time
-No killing from 3:30-6:30 (practice time)
-No killing at morning practice
-No killing at a person's job
-If you do not make a kill in 24 hours of the start time you will be terminated.

Everything else goes.

If you make a kill then send me the info informing of the confirmed kill that way I can update the master circle. When contacted I will instruct you on your next kill. However, your recent victim can also inform you of who they had because they will be your next kill. (This is very important so that you will not be terminated).

If you didn't get any stickers please email, call, or text me and I will bring some to your place of residence.

Again please remember that this is not a gang war. You are given one name for a reason. Please don't move in a huge group to tackle a person and hold them down while one person tags them.

KILLING BEGINS AT 9:00AM!!!!!!! Enjoy

If the excitement isn't pumping out of your computer screen already this video should help you. (Sorry freshman this video may have some inside jokes you don't get)

It's the same they developed and posted my freshman year, but it explains it best.
Restrooms, showers, sleeping, closets... all legal. Doors have been broken... chases have ensued... people have been tackled... windows have been removed (even by me).

Oh. I just received my target. The funny thing is thing is that my target doesn't even realize (pronoun) is relatively safe. As long as I don't run into (pronoun) on accident... I am too busy tomorrow to stalk (pronoun) out. ha. Oh well.... keep (pronoun) in suspense...
The question is, will I make it 24 hours without being killed? I've made it 48 twice before... but new people, new game... wish me luck :)

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