Sunday, September 7, 2008


Iforget which past blog it was on, probably the one I still sometimes use, but I used to occasionally include "random confessions". They ranged from odd food preferences to -- well, lots of things that I can't think of right now :). The reason they are called 'random' is because they usually don't have a direct connection to much else going on. It doesn't matter why these things are, they just are... and tonight, there are two:

1. I think less of underage people if their profile pictures are just them and a can of alcohol of some sort. I overthink many things and this should probably be added to that column, but I pass judgment on every facebook profile picture I see that's just a couple of people holding up their drinks. I get extra disappointed if it's someone I am friends with. Note: If the person or people are in an interesting location or the drinks are not the main focus of the pictures, then my feelings towards the person don't typically change. If they're in another country or in an unusual occasion, then the focus is not on the alcohol and this is the key. My thoughts are... this picture is the one that everyone looks at of you, and you think the best picture of you at this given moment, the one that sort of sums you up (if that's possible) is a picture of you and a can of the cheapest (or excuse me, 2nd cheapest? oh. sorry) beer at Meijer or Kmart or that shady gas station down the street?

2. The thing that bugs me the most about this new "shuttle bus" is the brakes. With the money we're saving on not paying as many people to be driving, can't we get a decent brake job? It's obnoxious and stops at the stop sign outside of my house often. bah.

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