Sunday, September 21, 2008

I've got 99 problems

Three things to add to the "list of things I don't understand"
(this list is getting quite lengthy-- just ask Rachel)

1. The need to create facebook groups about things that aren't going to happen. If they're funny, okay- that's fine... whatever floats your boat or rings your chime or ding-a-lings your ding-a- okay, that's something else, but you get the general idea... those are not the groups I'm addressing. Let's go ahead and get specific- "If 83402 people join this ground facebook will change its format back to the old one". Which old one? The one with the separated picture albums? The one before the mini-feed? The one when only people in college could join? Yea, yea. Let's change back to that one and kick everyone off who is not currently in college with a college email. They're not going to change it back. You will cope, just like we coped every other time. I'm not saying you shouldn't voice your opinion, but send them an email with a concrete suggestion to a problem. They've given us the ability to change privacy settings and mini-feed information, but everyone has different wants and they can only make so many people happy and still stay "new". And they stay new so people continue visit pages to try and re-figure out the website or learn new things about each other. They're not going to simply "change it back". This is silly and because of other changes I now know 12 of my friends support this group and I shake my head at their grammatically incorrect, purposeless group.

2. Why people feel the need to hit people. I understand that feeling of aggression. The need for a giant release. I've hit someone before and it probably served its purpose, but why do we feel that need? Where does the idea that a punch in the face is a "good thing" come from. Because, I don't really think it is.

3. Boys. "I've got 99 problems, but a bitch ain't one*". Yes, yes, but many of them are boys.

*note: This song is a relatively well-known one and many people enjoy it. It was played at a social gathering I was at recently and I sang along. I used to never sing along to it though because I thought it was inappropriate to call girls bitches, but then I stopped being defensive and realized you can have a girliefriend and still make this claim. It just means that either a. she's not a bitch or b. that she's not a problem or c. that she's not a bitch or a problem. Also, boys can be bitches too. It's just my problematic boys aren't bitches, they're just multi-dimensional characters.

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