Monday, September 22, 2008

One is silver and the other is gold

I miss my old friends. Sometimes I wonder how many of them are imaginary.

Early in high school I had a best friend named Pam. Differences in interpretation of reality caused our split toward the middle, but before this we were bestest-- and great bestest we were. One time I or perhaps we, were watching The Cosby Show and there was this boy named Alvin and he did all the right things and so we would reference Alvin when venting about how certain boys should be better than what they were. [Who doesn't have a lot of room for improvements at the age of 14? or any other age for that matter...] I think he was named my imaginary friend, probably because I had seen the show. I don't remember if I had one before then, but he's the only one I remember clearly. Alvin was relatively flawless.

I miss my old friends. Sometimes I wonder how many of them are imaginary.

The odd thing about so many of the friends I miss is that some of them are still here. They're just not the same friends they once were to me. Our relationship has changed, transformed with our growth. Just as the body rids itself of things it doesn't need, so do we in our lives. Sometimes it's just tough to know what you need and what you don't. There are also friends who are not near, but have stayed consistent. That's what I want. Someone asked me earlier, and that is my answer: consistency. Positive consistency.

Today there were cardboard sculptures in the Pine Grove and I wish they had been left there longer. I understand if you leave them overnight they risk being stolen or destroyed (which is sad), but I didn't have a chance to take any pictures. The above picture was taken off of knowhope today. Those student-created masterpieces truly improved my day. Just seeing the the center of campus sprinkled with bits of student creativity, as well as actual students (it was a nice day out) made me unusually happy. Actually the two high points of my day were "art" sorts of things. The other was a picture Rob "doodled" for me when we were sitting in the DOW. It looks like this:
I made it my profile picture. I love it. One of the neatest things was being able to rewatch it being sketched on his ipod. Modern technology amazes me.

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