Monday, March 1, 2010

Sunday Sundays

My freshman and [half of] my sophomore year I was on meal plan. In Phelps [our dining hall] the food was sub-par on Sundays. Sunday nights they had an ice cream bar so the dinner in general was referred to as "Sunday Sundays". Sometimes that was all that you really wanted to waste your time eating. I didn't go too terribly often, but a little bit of me missed Sunday Sundays tonight. I ate a lot of chocolate instead. I am wondering if that is why, despite only having five hours of sleep last night and working a 9 out of 11 I'm still awake.

Last night I stayed up talking to my roommate's bff, Erin. She's wonderful and we had a really great conversation. New friends aren't as common now-a-days [due to limited time and people], but when good ones come along, they are DEFINITELY something to be thankful for. are things as rare as good techs. AND feeling incredibly positive leaving those good techs.
Surely Noah and Jackie singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" as we exited Dewitt had something to do with it.
The good attitudes of the actors in general were encouraging
Getting right out of bed and having time to eat breakfast while sitting is always a great way to start a day and not being late just makes it all the better.
Conversation dates with Andi, despite this particular time being less than 30 minutes, are so appreciated. She made me remember why I miss track. She's so wonderful. I think we might go running together tomorrow! She's so wonderful <3
Remember that time I watched almost all of the movie "Being There"? Today Richard and I talked about it and he recommended another movie to me since I enjoyed "Being There". When someone knows as much about good film as Richard does, you should take their advice.
I am, as always, thankful for my great housemates. I may get frustrated at the dishes... and we should probably vacuum, but I love them all the same.
Jeri and my other real friends are pretty awesome too.
I'm also thankful for another lighting designer with a sense of humor and empathy. Today I lost a sense of the time due to the productivity [and pretzel sticks]. This does not happen often and I am always thankful when I can get pleasantly lost in something.
I am thankful to God for helping to get me here and to the Holy Spirit for flowing even more than the wind does.


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