Tuesday, March 9, 2010

All Three Things

Today was so very beautiful. I woke up and dressed like I was back in the city and went to a fairly interesting lecture on Confucianism. I feel as though I am constantly in classes thinking about the best way to approach the after life. In the Analects Confucius talks about not leaving your parents and if they die mourning them for three years. There's more to it than that, but it was in that context that we talked about leaving our parents and being able to be there for them when they grow old. Confucius would probably be against nursing homes, but I think they can be good, even safer and healthier for many. It is a strange thought. Sooner than we imagine we, our friends, our siblings, our parents... will be that age when we can not take care of ourselves and eventually we will take that final exhale and not have to any more.

After religion I went to the library to print out the Royal Court application. I am applying for a job at my dream theatre that I know hundreds or thousands more qualified applicatants will apply for. I'm okay with that. I a little less than an hour until my next class so I went to the third floor of the library and sat in the sunny spot by the windows with my financial management flashcards. It didn't help my test score, but the quietness helped my spirit.

I went to senior seminar where we had our usual interesting discussions and went home to study some more. I took the management exam and knew it would not be a score I would want, but was glad just to have it done with. It's turned in. There's nothing more to do about that. I'd like to say I'll be more diligent with our future chapters, but I started to read Chapter 9 for Thursday and was annoyed in the first two pages. It's simply not something that grabs me anymore. It's too bad...

I took a short nap instead of running and got up to make dinner. Sadly I had to throw some things out because a random 60 degree day may make you happy, but it make the garage an ineffective refrigerator. In the spirit of things I decided I needed to make room for myself in the fridge. I gathered the housemates that were home and they let me know their claimed spot and I threw out plenty of things which were lost in the back and now there is room for me to go grocery shopping. Tomorrow I will have more than crescent rolls and peanut butter for dinner. I must admit, the clean fridge and the dishes done makes me feel accomplished... and a little less guilty about the financial management reading.

I love that I was able to spend time with my housemates today. Even if the most of the time was cleaning the fridge, their (mostly) good natures are blessings.

AND we had story time tonight! Meghan, Amy, and Jackie (slightly against her will) sat with me as I read "The Three Questions" to them. Ah, I really wish I could make a living being a story time lady. I love reading stories.

And on that note, I'm off to sleep or do something productive to try and avoid stress tomorrow.


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