Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Listening to the Remainder

I am thankful for the ability to exhale.

20 great things about today:
1. Amazing books at the library (The Royal Court Theatre Inside and Out, The Letters of Samuel Beckett, Toward a Dramaturgical Sensibility, Peter Hall's Diaries)
2. Elle. She let me borrow her flashlight
3. Hugs
4. Mindy/Listening to Mister Rogers!!
5. 5/6 people in my house being awake before 7:30
6. Meghan and I working together to get our bums out of bed. hah.
7. Getting my excel done and turned in before 9A without any running
8. Sweatpants and long underwear keeping me warm
9. Way overdue cuddle time, stories and laughter with Tim
10. Imagining great adventures
11. Acknowledging my fear of failure [lack of worth]. It's the first step...
12. Nap time!
13. Finishing the channel hook-up
14. Successful Day 1 of not eating at the Kletz
15. Speeding AND efficient meetings for presentations
16. Feeling more confident about my upcoming design in a flexible space!
17. Learning that while "poon tang" is the more common spelling (and pronunciation depending on your region), the Online Slang Dictionary (American and English) spells it "poo tang"
18. The wonderful actors and crew of Much Ado About Nothing. They are indeed fabulous.
19. Spaghetti
20. The Sun and the warmth and happiness that, in turn radiates from the people

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