Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Heads and Tails

Thank ye, thank ye, thank ye...

Sometimes I wish we used "ye" instead of "you". You can't say it without a fun look upon your face.

Amy's impression of the following made my night:

Along with this, other wonderful things of the day:
Amy speaking french
Seeing Amy helping Meghan with french and knowing that my beautiful, brilliant friend is going into the right profession
Sleeping soundly in the chapel hallway
My senior seminar okaying me to go home and sleep. This need was frustrating because I was very prepared for the class, but I was not awake enough to function.
Making progress on lighting paperwork
The girl at the library understanding what a rush I was in
Getting out of theatre in time to work on the excel homework... bah!

It's strange. I'm experiencing this great deal of apathy for certain things a few years too late... this might have been more useful in earlier college years or high school. In any news, today was filled with lovely people and not so lovely feelings. I just can't do these 45 minutes of sleep nights any more if I want to function well the next day. My left shin and right knee bugged me all day too. I would say more, but I am just thankful that my other shin and knee [plus both of my femurs] are still working!

If the coin says you lose... flip the coin.

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